BRITE Changes Lives.

Growing up poor strongly predicts poverty into adult for
vulnerable youth. 

BRITE is about Hope.

Sadly, many students in our own community do not believe in themselves - they do not think they are smart enough to go to college.

Being awarded the BRITE Scholarship is a powerful and life changing message. It encourages the students at a pivotal moment in their lives to think about their future in ways that they never have before.

"Being selected for the BRITE Scholarship Program sends the message that someone believes in these students. The message that they are capable of, and worthy of a college education and a brighter future really affects the students confidence.   Most importantly, it empowers these students to create a "ripple effect" of helping others in the community."
- Kira G, Head Counselor HMB High School


During my freshman year I really wasn't thinking about my future, much less college. To be honest, when I heard about being selected for a scholarship I was utterly speechless. 

This program gave me a goal to focus on and to try hard in school. If it weren't for BRITE I would have concerns about my future. Not only did you give me a full scholarship but the additional mentorship and support helped me through high school.

I can't say enough of how much this means to me. Now I'll be going to Canada College for two years then I'll head to UC Davis and study Biotechnology.

- Irma, now in her first year of San Mateo County College  

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