Brite Scholarship Program
After working with our program since its inception, here are thoughts from our Academic Advisor, Kira G., Head Counselor, Half Moon Bay High School:

"Most scholarships are awarded to students for demonstrating excellence in academics or other measures. The BRITE scholarship is unique because it encourages excellence in otherwise unrecognized students. These are students who might not have thought they were smart enough to go to college. Being selected for the BRITE scholarship sends the message to these students that someone believes in them enough to completely fund their education. This is a powerful and life changing message. It encourages them to think about their futures in ways that they never have before. BRITE goes further than recognizing accomplishments, it changes the perception that students have of themselves and fosters greatness."


We believe that investing in education is the single most effective way of reducing poverty, and that through education our Community will thrive.   

Currently available scholarships exclude capable students who would benefit significantly but do not meet typical scholarship criteria.  These students many times have familial, social and economic hardships beyond traditional family experiences.


The BRITE Scholarship Program provides two full time scholarships to Community College for two students from Half Moon Bay High School.  Mentoring and coaching relationships are provided to students during high school and post graduation.


Students are selected through a process managed by and with the Half Moon Bay counselors and teachers after the rigorous student applications have been completed and reviewed.