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Please check back frequently as we report on our activities, progress of our students and  fund raising events.

July 2016 - Summer Check-in
Implementing a new monthly check-in. We've decided to meet monthly with our students. We're hoping this will allow us to provide better mentorship and needed support for our students.

June 2016 - Graduation Month
Look at the great pic. Our students graduated with the highest GPA yet for our program. All three are sincere, ernest and hardworking. 

March 2016 - Looking good!
Helping students with college apps - so proud of our Seniors!

December 2015 - Selection Process Update
We've decided to hold off selecting juniors for 2015. Our focus for 2015-2016 is going to be on working and mentoring the 3 Seniors and helping them prepare for College.

September 2015 - Meeting our 3 Seniors
So happy with our selected Seniors - they are amazing, inspiring and hard-working students! We're confident all three are going to sail their final year and graduate.

May 2015 - Tough Decision
We had a tough decision to make. Our selected Seniors students did not meet the eligibility requirements for the scholarship. It is clear that they are not prepared for College - both from an academics perspective and mental readiness. Very sad that will be no students receiving a BRITE Scholarship this Graduation ceremony. We are reviewing our selection process, speaking to counselors at school. Definitely a learning experience. 

March 2015 - Tracking our Seniors
Sobering month. Our selected seniors are not doing so well meeting school requirements. Academics are hard but combined with social issues is making it unsurmountable. 

February 2015 - Selecting Juniors.
Very excited! We have selected fantastic Juniors - we got such great applications that we decided to increase our selecting to 3. Looking forward to continuing to work with them. See pictures of the Welcome Night on the left! 

December 2014 - End of first term!
Our students are doing great. The first term is challenging, getting used to rhythms of college. Plus balancing part-time job and student life is not easy. Coaching the students makes us realize the constant obstacles are amazing students overcome.

September 2014 - Back to School!
Students excited to be in college. We've been busy working with the SMCCC Foundation's office to ensure funds are available for the students. 

June 2014 - Graduation Month!
Two of our senior BRITE scholars graduated High School and completed an important milestone. We know the challenges our students face and we are very proud of their accomplishment.

May 2014 - Our first FUNdraiser and Miramar Farms hosts breakfast with the bees
It was FUNdraising month! Our first fundraiser to help raise awareness and funds for the scholarship program was held on May 10th. We also got support from Miramar Farms who held their Breakfast with the Bees event.

April 2014 - College Prep Sessions for our Seniors

It was time to begin getting our senior students ready for college. We held college prep classes to help our students understand the process and paperwork required to get ready for the next big step. Where necessary we helped our students attend placements tests, make appointments with college councilors and get the right forms completed.

March 2014 - Miramar Farms hosts night of Entrepreneurial and Artisan Education to benefit BRITE Scholarship Program

Fireside Chat: Coastside Artisans & Entrepreneurs

Join us for an evening of community and learning as we hear from some of the most creative and inventive people on the coast about their journey from start-up passion to successful business enterprise.

Whether you are thinking about turning your own artistry in to a business or you have an idea or technology whose time has come, this will be a great evening to gather, learn and grow.

Benefits Brite Scholarship Program (Bringing Real Incentive to Education)

Miramar Farms is an executive leadership development and education center specializing in building high-performing teams and organizational and personal health and sustainability.  Sign up at

February 2014 -Colleen joins Board to lead fundraising strategy. Fundraiser is May 10, 2014

Colleen Haupt joined the Brite Board of Directors with a focus on fundraising.  Colleen has a long history working with youth and has a passion for encouraging youth to pursue their dreams.  She says "nothing is impossible" and it is demonstrated in her career as a professional, the founder of her own non-profit, her 11 years as a youth counselor many including successfully fundraising efforts.

FUNDRAISER:  Cocktails, Food and Fun and all working to provide a Brite Future!
Be sure to SAVE THE DATE...MAY 10, 2014 evening!

This will be a cocktail party you won't want to miss!  Enjoy a relaxed evening at the Gillen's beautiful home.  The evening will include fabulous cocktails and celebrity bar tenders!  There will be some amazing appetizers and so much fun for all.  We are even planning on providing babysitting options for those interested!  Watch for more soon and be sure to sign up when we start taking reservations!

January 2014 - New Year, a new Board Member and an Amazing Start!

BRITE Musings.   January was a busy month with follow up with the students from our new addition to the Board of Directors:  Stefanie Pappalardo.

Irma and Marcos are now in their second semester of Community College.  Stefanie was able to meet with both students and begin the planning for their remaining academic schedules to ensure they can complete their Associate's of Arts (A.A.) degree in two years.  

Both students are very motivated and have full class loads this semester.  

Next step is engaging with the high school students to begin early planning for college.

December 2013 - Overwhelmed with Gratitude

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THANK YOU- the Community has shown overwhelming generosity to support the BRITE Students.  Gratitude and thanks to you for your financial and time donations to ensure the students continue to have access to college education, mentorship and support.  
The elves have been busy updating the website page with the latest, sharing information on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.  Great connections moving forward as we look forward to a very busy and exciting 2014 with you, our supporters.  THANK YOU

November 2013: Annual Welcome Dinner Held

On November 13, 2013, at a wonderful local restaurant we gathered to welcome four new students into our Program.

We were thrilled that Kira the Half Moon Bay Counselor supporting BRITE was able to attend. And so were Marcos and Irma our current students attending community college via the BRITE scholarship.

We handed out Official Scholarship letters to our students who were thrilled to be selected! As they spoke with the broader group they realized they now had a network of friends and supporters to lead and mentor them.

October 2013: Annual Brunch and Fundraiser Update

Our Brunch was a great success! Thank you, to all of you for supporting and encouraging the Program. And for your contributions.

Together we are making this dream a reality!

September 2013: Word from our Advisor, Kira G
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August 2013: BRITE Brunch
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Annual Brunch has been Scheduled!

Please come and join us on October 20th, 2013 and hear more about our program and our wonderful students. Contact us to get details on the location and to RSVP.

We're at Hope to see you there!
July 2013: Letter from Irma, one of the first BRITE Students
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Written By Irma, HMB Graduate 2013 and BRITE Recipient:
These past four years have been awesome!  During my freshmen year I really wasn't thinking about my future, much less college.  To be honest, when I heard about being selected for a scholarship I was utterly speechless.
When I arrived at the counselors office I was scared.  In the Counselor - Kira Gangsei's room I saw two strange ladies I've never met before, so I was nervous.  Ashwini and Annette ended up being my future friends, who supported and guided me on my bumpy road.  Not only were they nice but they were there to encourage me on my dreams.
These two ladies helped me get to my finish line. If it weren't for them I would have concerns about my future.  Not only did you give me the BRITE Scholarship to help me in college but the foundation of the scholarship helped me through high school.
I hold them dear to me. As I saw it, this program planned out my four years, it gave me the push i needed and  the goal to focus on and to try hard in school.
I can't say enough of how much this means to me.  Now I'll be going to Canada College for two years then I'll head to UC Davis and study Biotechnology.
I have a long ways to go.  Thank you for everything!(:
June 2013: Our Website is here!
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We are thrilled to present the first version of our Website. We have a lot of work to do. We'd love to hear your ideas on how we can improve it. But yeah! We are officially present on the web!